Various Packaging

We can meet the challenge of any product

These products are examples of Seaside’s ability to modify and/or add to its existing and very flexible converting equipment in order to meet the challenge of any new product, no matter how unusual or unique.

Poly and Paper Staple Cards / Edge Protectors for the Lumber Industry

In the multi-billion-dollar North American lumber industry, every detail in the process of getting the product to market, no matter how small, can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Clever, cost-reducing details are where Seaside comes in. We produce Poly and Paper Staple Cards. These small cards are inserted between the staple and the protective wrap around a lift of lumber, and prevent the wrap from tearing away from the staple. A small product that pays big dividends to our customers.

Our Edge Protectors for the Lumber Industry are custom made to work with strapping equipment.



  • Wicket Boards/Wicket Wires – used together by plastic bag manufacturers to allow easy insertion of bags into automatic bagging equipment.
  • Bread Tags – used by commercial bakeries to track baking batches.
  • Roll Shims/Stickers – used by the rewinding industry to maintain even roll dimensions.
  • Chicken & Fruit Pads – protect live poultry and fruit and vegetables during transport.